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About our brands

We forge partnerships with conscious and sustainably-minded brands that align with our mission of creating a positive impact. We cherish our commitment to supporting local designers and women-owned businesses that embrace slow and deliberate fashion practices.

Our brands represent the change we hope to influence within the fashion industry.


The story of Ikikiz started as a reflection of the passion for the grace of nature and the history of art.

They design timeless pieces made from natural fibers while staying true to the premium quality and ultra-soft textures their customers have come to expect and love.

All of their items are one size. They limit the number of garments created each season to ensure every collection is unique and that they are not wasting resources. Each piece is truly one of a precious few.


Inspired by the island life, Insula Vivere was found in 2021 with a sustainable & timeless approach to fashion. From fabric sourcing to the production process, they are committed to their responsibilities to the planet.

Insula Vivere only uses natural fabrics and works with small scale manufacturers, supporting local & ethical production.

A brand that is led by minimalism, all of their pieces are designed to harmonize with each-other and appeal to everyone who embrace effortless elegance.


Born with a slow fashion approach, Delicate offers sustainable collections of quality pieces that will last.

Instead of producing too many varieties in different seasons, they stick with timeless designs made with high quality fabrics and artisanship. Their products are free from synthetic fibers as all of their products are crafted from natural fabrics.

Working with small and local manufacturers, Delicate makes sure to provide the best possible working conditions to everyone involved in the production process.


Junié is a consciously created fashion brand inspired by the Aegean coastal culture. Being against seasonal enthusiasm and trends, they aim to create timeless pieces that are loved forever.

Junié favors simplicity. Their main range is made in small batches from deadstock terry fabric and made to take you from sand & surf to city & play. 

​From the design to the launch of a product, they maintain close relationships with everyone in manufacturing. All of their pieces are created by hand in İzmir, Turkey.


Tenera is a textile design brand that takes motivation from arts and crafts. 

Taking inspiration from the versatility of textiles, Tenera sees fabric as a tool with infinite potential. Each design is the end product of an exciting journey of narrative and experiments in technique.

The brand unites innovation and sustainability with traditional craftsmanship. Aside from the natural dyeing techniques applied on 100% natural materials; Tenera is focused on using materials to their maximum potential to minimise waste. 


Zei was born with an inspiration from a style of living that emphasizes the enjoyment of simple pleasures and quality experiences.

Valuing quality over quantity, the brand creates beautiful and functional handbags that come in various vibrant colors.

The concept of Zei is to slow down and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. They reflect this mindset to their products, offering timeless designs that transcends trends.


Leoya was found by two female entrepreneurs with a passion for creating sustainable, sizeless and timeless clothing.

They offer handwoven linen and bamboo pieces that are both environmentally friendly and fashion-forward. Supporting local manufacturers and women, they keep close relationships with everyone in their manufacturing process.

​Designing garments that transcend trends and seasons, Leoya offers timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Aegean's Life was born with an inspiration from the beauty of the Aegean region in Turkey. They create lightweight pieces that are finished with unique wood prints.

Their priority in production is being respectful to nature. They prefer natural fabrics and dyes in their eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Thanks to their ethical approach, they value providing proper working conditions to everyone who works in the process while supporting female artisans and small businesses.


Bushi & Mieko is an accessories and handbag brand that aims to remind individuals to slow down in the rapidly moving modern world by focusing on Japanese "Zen" philosophy.

As founders, they were inspired by their visits to Japan and South Korea and shaped their brand story by drawing inspiration from these societies.

Supporting sustainability, craftsmanship and minimalism through their designs, their products are handmade from natural cotton canvas.


Heartish is a sustainable fashion brand found with a passion to support and empower female workers in the industry.

They believe that women play the leading role in the production of local fabrics and aim to support the community, growing with them.

Producing ethically in small quantities, Heartish aims to support young designers and local fabric manufacturers. They offer timeless piecess made with natural and local fabrics of Turkey.


Hemponme designs knitwear using natural yarns and fabrics, primarily hemp, inspired entirely by nature.

Hemp is known for its durability and sustainability and it is a great biodegradable alternative to synthetic materials. Using this material for most of their designs, they produce ethically in small batches.

They stand with the slow fashion movement, creating timeless and minimal collections for capsule wardrobes.


Gaia was found by two best friends who want to be a part of the change in the fashion industry.

They create their designs from waste fabrics and they are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. That is why they make sure that the materials they use and the partners they work with are as eco-friendly as they are.

Gaia's mission is to create simple but elegant pieces that are wearable in various occasions.


Art & Roam was found with a purpose to give leftover fabrics a new life.

Art & Roam sources fabrics that are unusable for brands due to tearing or ripping during the production process and creates unique pieces from them.

Their products are usually limited editions due to the limited availability of the deadstock fabrics. They design and produce in small quantities, also using the leftovers from their own production with a zero waste approach.


Karma Design Project is a female owned fashion brand that offers eco-friendly clothing, bedding and kid's apparel made with natural fabrics and organic dyes.

The brand was born out of a search for sustainable products for her children, realizing she should be a part of the the slow fashion movement by creating a brand that follows those values.

Karma Design Project supports ethical and local production, obtaining their natural fabrics from local producers and artisans.

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